Saturday, January 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

Just getting started...

NOOK Color...for the bookworm :)

What?! Jake wanted trucks?!


NBA 2K12...

American Girl can't have just one :)

Pajama, Emilee needs to work on being photogenic.

Fuzzy PJ's

Angry birds

More video game characters...


Solar System...yes Jake, that is the moon on your butt :)

Curled wood of my favorites.

12' high...was so much fun to decorate.

A close up of the tree...I couldn't get my camera to focus from a distance when the lights were on. :(

Christmas this year went much better than last. It was still a simple Christmas but we felt a little more settled in and the house was a little more festive. We did pajamas the night before and got up around 6:30 to open presents. We had church that morning @ 9. It didn't take long to get everything opened and cleaned up, but then of course, I do most of the cleaning :) I really think the kids enjoyed Christmas morning...and we had plenty of treats and snacks throughout the day. We're planning on keeping the holiday small but full of traditions. And hopefully, if it works out, we'll take all of our family trips during the holidays!