Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back 2 School

Out of the three that I have in school now, only one was actually excited to go. Riley. He has been excited for a while now and got upset when I told him that I was taking him the first day. He would have rather rode the bus. So much for apron strings! But all of them have great teachers and I'm glad that so far things have gone smoothly...a good start for us usually means a fairly uneventful year! Their first day was the 21st and kindergarten started a week later. Yeah!!! It's nice to have a little more peace and quiet during the day. I am so grateful for good teachers and schools. It makes sending them off a lot easier.

Friday, August 29, 2008


I am ready to begin the fourth book of the Twilight series. Through the first three, I came to many realizations...but only one conclusion. I am more readily able to believe that vampires exist, than a man like Edward Cullen. The pain of reality...guess that makes me human.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just thinkin'...


I have been anticipating the day my kids return to school. My mind gets reeling after I sit and think about the extra time I will have to cross another thing off my list...or just relax! Maybe I'll even attempt to start reading the books I have sitting by my bedside. Either way, I'm sure I will enjoy the peace and quiet...or will I? Two nights ago, my youngest Jake came and crawled into bed with us. All I could think about, was how there was no way I would get any sleep now and that I'd probably wake up with another headache. After he climbed up and settled in, I just sat there and stared at him (there was a full moon that night, plenty of extra light). Shouldn't I be enjoying these moments and taking it all in before they grow up and leave? I decided that night I wouldn't be so quick to shoo them away, or say "hold on" or even get frustrated because they need my help to get another drink. Sure I will have my bad days and my selfish days, but I'm hoping I will be more conscious of these little people that are just trying to make their way through life...with a little help and a lot of love from me.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Roommate Reunion

I had the privilege to see my roommate Misty, from Ricks, this last Sunday. She had been over in Bear Lake for a family reunion. I got a phone call and she said they wanted to stop by on their way home and asked if that would be okay with me...dumb question. I always have time for friends, especially good friends that I haven't seen in 6 or 7 years! The funny thing is , once she was here and settled, it was as if we had never spent those years out of touch. I am so grateful for the experiences I had in college...the best part is the people I met and the friendships I've made.


Emilee and Gracie are almost 6 yrs apart and different as night and day. I find it pretty amazing how they still enjoy hanging out with each other despite those differences. Emilee's favorite thing to do lately is take pictures, without my knowledge of course. I grabbed my camera the other day and found a few surprises. If these photos don't show how much Gracie wants to be like her big sister, I don't know what does!