Monday, July 6, 2009

Special 4th

Delon has always hated his birthday being on a Holiday...I can usually understand why.

But Delon doesn't realize he is lucky enough to spend it with a lot of friends or family. So even though he has come to terms with the fact that the fireworks are not for him, he will always deserve a similar celebration!

Happy B-day Delon, we love you!

4th of July

All of the little girls...

Youngest to oldest.....hmm, guess that makes me old!

Squirming during pictures.

The guys, a little blurry...

This is the first time in about 6 yrs that we've spent the fourth with all of my family. Unfortunately my parents were absent because of a last minute trip to CA to be with my Grandma during open heart surgery. ( She is doing well now, thank goodness). It's always so much fun for me to get together with my siblings because we all get along pretty good...and I always end up laughing. There is,of course, a little drama with the cousins, but there's tears by the end of the day when it comes time to leave. No one ever wants to go home. Needless to say, I would really love to spend more time with my family doing absolutely nothing, but life doesn't provide those opportunities as often as we like...that's why these are always special moments for me.

Mortimer Family Reunion

Larin...the next American Idol!

The Chicken dance courtesy of Amber, Emilee and Keisha

Stand-up comedy...good thing there were no tomatoes to throw!

Violin duet by Emilee and Sharee...they sounded great!

Background singers...apparently not doing their job.

Delon always likes to have the mic in his hand...just like the remote.

Jake's funny face

I think Delon enjoyed being on stage...

Yes, that's Larin fully clothed...Larin, Larin.

How'd that feel? Little cold?

Jake and Gracie braved the freezing water...I preferred to watch.

Rock Creek Girls Camp in Ashton, ID was the location. Beautiful place... unfortunately the weekend we went it was also wet and chilly. And you can't forget about the mosquitos...we still have evidence of the mosquitos at our house 2 1/2 weeks later. But everything pretty much went off without a hitch. There was good conversation, great s'mores and wonderful family. I often dread family reunions because of all the work it entails, but I know in the end it's worth the memories and relationships. Delon's sister Sharee and her husband Kary were in charge this year and did a great job. I do have to say other than the amateur hour of entertainment, I loved watching those brave enough, swim in water that probably hit a toasty 45 - 50 degrees. Oh the things we do when we're surrounded by betting family members and constant dares! We had a great time and I'm so grateful that my kids love to be with their cousins! 'Till next year!


Fell asleep after playing games on Nick jr.

Doesn't he look peaceful?

Jake has never had a problem with falling asleep...just falling asleep in his bed.


Hanging out with friends and cousin Zach...

Goofin' off

Apparently they were pretending these were lasers they had to make their way through...whatever works.

There is never enough to do for my kids to stay busy during the summer....luckily every once in a while they enjoy the simple things.