Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Soccer Season

Riley and his good soccer buddy, Titan.

During the last game...hard to get a smile out of him, he was so tired!

Free Powerade for everyone!

Smithfield Tigers

Riley's team and coaches....Reese Thatcher and JD Hammons

The three oldest all played soccer this Spring. Although they all played well and had fun, it seemed Riley was really enjoying it the most. He had great coaches too that helped them to really understand the game. Riley improved a lot. His team was undefeated, so the coaches felt it would be rewarding for them to play in the Kohls Cup. So on May 30th, Delon and I headed down to Hyrum for the tournament. They lost their first game, but won the three after that....(yes, it was a LONG day). They all had so much fun and it was great to see how they competed against other teams in the valley. Great Job Riley!! (Notice Riley is sporting his mohawk).

Riley made some great friends this year in soccer. I love this time of year when the kids start to do more outdoors. There are some good memories made!

Bad to the Bone

The boys all needed haircuts and I told them we were shaving their heads. (Much easier than actually having to do their hair, especially during the summer). Riley protested right away and said he wanted a mohawk. Right....well, since Riley was having his soccer tournament the next day, I told them they could keep their mohawk Sat. only,  then we would shave their heads before church. Being as Jake feels the need to do everything the boys do, I styled (not cut) his hair into a Mohawk. He thought he was pretty tough. Amazing what a new haircut can do for your attitude!

Haydn's B-day

New shoes...he may like shoes as much as I do!

Cheese balls from Grandma

Watching Haydn open his presents

Honestly, out of everything Haydn received, I believe this was one of his favorite. A mini whoopee cushion!

Jake loved the basketball pillow...too bad it's not for him.

Nine years old!!

Waiting for cake

Blowing out "the" candle. I'm all for fire safety. :)

Haydn turned 9 on May 19th. It's always hard for me to believe that my kids are the ages they are sometimes. Often it feels like it was just yesterday they were born. I'm trying to hold onto some of these moments because I know all too soon they will be gone. 

Haydn is my silent but deadly one...of course by that I mean he may not seem very outgoing, but he loves to learn and is very smart. He's always reading, asking questions, creating and does things every day that surprise me. We love you Haydn!!

(As you can tell, these were obviously taken before the haircut...with the shadow behind his head looks huge!)