Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sand Hollow Park, St. George

My new favorite toy....

Blowing all the dust up.

Delon was having a little too much fun

All done for the day. Jake wanted to drive like the big boys.

Emilee's face was so red here...

Gracie and Sophie

Jake is thinking, "Yes I'm tired...I've been doing this for almost 9 hrs!" He actually fell asleep at the very end.

Man-made reservoir

Lunch break...

Fueling up for the rest of the day.

The dunes...these were the best hills to do jumps. All I heard was, "Again, again!"

Delon traded me razors. The 2 seaters are easier to maneuver on the dunes, and a little safer.

Writing their names on the rock.

Dinosaur tracks.

Apparently these were discovered sometime in the 80's.

Beautiful buddies.

The girls...we were definitely outnumbered.

Jake and his muscles.

Smile pretty

The guys...crazy!

Say no to crack...or crevice, whichever you prefer.

Our razors...I started out in the little purple one.

Spectacular views

Zion' was so pretty there.

On the way back from the Emerald Pools trail.

My sarcastic one...

Can you see the Emerald Pools? Yeah, me neither. It was a pretty trail though.

This part of the trail was pretty icy.

Emerald Pools trail.

One of our first stops. You can't tell in the pics, but the water was a very pretty gray-green.

My goofy bunch

How far can we go without getting wet?

Window in the wall...there is a tunnel cut through the mountain. Pretty cool.

It doesn't look like it, but I was very nervous taking this picture. There was a drop-off about 2 feet behind that wall.

Views from the scenic route. If you are afraid of heights...this is not recommended.

We decided to take off after Christmas for a short weekend instead of sitting around and eating Christmas leftovers....thank goodness!

Our first day there we met up with the Killpacks, friends of ours from Idaho, and met their parents who live a stone's throw from Sand Hollow Park and Golf Course. After discussing plans, we spent the first day on our own and went through Zion's...amazing. The kids loved seeing everything there, especially all of the rock formations. It's been a while for me. I love the outdoors and this was definitely not a disappointment. It was nice to see a little color and be a little warmer.

The following day we met our friends at a rental place, rented four Razors and took off for our 50 mile trip. It was freezing the first hour or so, but once the sun was up, it was a little more comfortable. We had so much fun. It was great to explore the park this way, it was very hands on and you could stop anywhere you'd like along the way. The views were beautiful, the weather was crispy cool, and the company was perfect.

I had to dig a little into my wild side. One, I must say, that doesn't come out much these days. Climbing rocks, hills, searching out dinosaur tracks, and kickin' up some dust...literally. We all looked like we had a bad spray- tan experience after the trip.

Even though we found red dirt in places we never knew existed, it was worth the extra long shower. This little trip will definitely be one of those experiences we will always remember and appreciate. There were some good memories made...and that's all that matters :)


Heather Coon said...

What a fun trip! We'll have to rent some of those the next time we're down there!! I love exploring in Southern Utah there is so much too see!