Monday, September 26, 2011

Gracie is 7

Blowing out her candles

The whole gang

Cheerleader...but of course, what else would she be for Halloween?

Jewelry kit...she's already made a necklace and two bracelets...very fun.

Cheerleading outfits for her barbies

Barbie Princess Charm School

Gracie was very prepared this year for her birthday and planned everything out way in advance. She handed me her Birthday list of gifts sometime in June, and made revisions along the way.

It's always weird when the birthday comes around just means another year has flown by and you're older and your child is older. I know this is how it works, but it all kind of sneaks up on you. Gracie is still my very girlie girl. She loves Barbie's, princesses, dressing up and American Girl dolls. She is a perfectionist, a great organizer, and loves to cuddle. You wouldn't think so at first, but she is a lover.

Gracie does a good job being surrounded by brothers...we love you Gracie. Happy Seventh Birthday!!

Sunday Hike

So pretty

Thought I would get out from behind the camera for once

Emilee, Haydn and Riley hiked up to a small cave

There were at least 8 or 9 different types of wild flowers...and the smallest and ugliest of them all were the most delicious thing I've ever smelled!

My boys...they had so much fun

Gracie tries to keep up with the boys...but doesn't really like to get very dirty :)

Mortal enemies...this day they loved each other. On a normal day, I'm sure one would have pushed the other into the lake...

Doesn't this just make you happy? I love the water.

I spy...8 pairs of eyes plus one little guy.

More of the wildflowers we found on the hike

Gracie loves pictures

Look! They are actually enjoying's a miracle.


Ricks Springs

Haydn explored a few of the little caves by the Spring. You can tell that there are a lot of bats that live here.

Riley loved this...until he got his right foot entirely wet.

Emilee was stuck on this rock for a while because other people kept climbing over and blocking her only way to get off. When she finally did, she scraped her leg pretty bad.


Emilee...still on the rock

Delon was gone to Oregon the first weekend after school started, so after church we thought we'd head up the canyon and enjoy a little hike and some fresh air. I forgot all the little things I loved about being in the mountains...the quiet, the smell of damp earth and wildflowers, running streams and creeks, and the closeness I feel to my Savior. A little heaven on earth.

We went up to Tony's grove and I thought for sure the kids would get tired and cranky early on, but they LOVED it and wanted to explore everywhere. We also went to a small spring up Logan Canyon that was found by Delon's great-great grandfather, Thomas E Ricks. It's called Ricks Springs. This was one Sunday in a long time where the kids never fought...peace and quiet...ahhh. We should do this more often :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Big 5

Jake and his friends

After the party they went outside and played with balloons. That kept them entertained for awhile...

Cake and Ice cream outside

Jake loves CARS...his favorite movie ever.

Birthday Cake

Opening presents, Lego Mack from CARS

Clothes...just what a boy wants :)

One of Jake's best buddies, Easton

Funny faces

What do ya know?...CARS pajamas

I can't believe my youngest is five already. Before I know it I'll be reading everything from an arm's length and purposely forgetting my birthday. I really have been spoiled with Jake. He is so much fun to have around and I look forward to spending time with him. He is very smart and loves to be with friends...but he is happiest hanging out with Dad and working. I'm grateful for Jake and so excited for him to start experiencing things as he gets older....I just wish things would slow down a bit. We love you Jake...Happy Birthday!

Back to School...Back on Schedule

Jake...I love this kid

Gracie was so excited to be going to school the entire day finally

Riley...very cool

Haydn...couldn't wait to be going to school earlier so he could be home earlier

Emilee, not so sure if she was ready to go back yet

I was grateful when school started again and so were the kids. I think we were all getting sick of each other! Here they are on their first day...Jake had to wait a couple weeks longer than the others, but he was so excited to be going to Preschool and he LOVES it!

Fall Football

Haydn after practice

During their first game

It's that time of year again. I love the fall, sports, holidays, back to school...all of it! Haydn decided he was going to try the SkyView Youth Football. So far he has had a pretty good experience. I think some of these coaches are a bit over the top, but this has been good for him. Mortimer #28...he usually plays safety. We're proud of him...

The Time of My Life....

Birthday her!

We left our heart in SF...yeah, yeah, I know, very predictable.

We had so much fun's been too long.

Birthday cheesecake @ none other than Cheesecake Factory

All the girls. We were starving after walking all over SF!

Me and Nat

Oh, looky of my favorite stores in the background. We were in Macy's here shopping during our wait time for the restaurant.

Just outside Ghirardelli's....makes my mouth water.

Ahh...the ocean. I miss it.

A little windy earlier in the day. They have these great "heart-art" displays all around the courtyard. Amazing...

Robin and I taking a little break.

Grandma and Grandpa Hillesheim. Two of my favorite people. And yeah, next time I will wear a tank top under this shirt.

My sisters and I decided we were going to head back to our roots, Brentwood, CA, and go celebrate our friends 40th B-day in style. Although Brooke wasn't able to go, which was a little disappointing for us, we all really had a good time. Our first two days were spent with our sweet and, might I add, hilarious grandparents in Gilroy. We had so much fun just visiting, playing Frustration, and spending some quality time. I love my grandparents so much and am really grateful for their example and the many wonderful memories we have with them. It really was a blessing for us to have that visit and spend that time.

A couple days into our trip we headed to our hometown of Brentwood and stayed with Robin Schwitters...basically like a sister to us. She was turning 40 so we wanted to come and spend a few days with her. She and her husband Mark are great hosts. Always good times and always good food. We spent one of our days in San was so much fun. And I've never walked that far in my life. Ok, maybe I have, but I wasn't speed walking up hills for miles and miles. At least we never made the decision to hop into "shady guy's" black car. Who knows, that may have been the last anyone saw of us....

It was such a great trip and the perfect occasion to help me remember how much I love to be with my sisters...that means you too, Robin. I must admit, I miss the ocean and I miss the mild weather CA has to offer, but there's always next won't keep me away :)