Sunday, December 18, 2011

Temple Square Lights

Ready to go home... the color of lights here

Just arrived

So beautiful

I love it here

Grateful for the temple...

We've decided to make this one of our traditions. You know, see the lights, take in the atmosphere, feel the spirit. Well, we saw the lights, took in the atmosphere, but that of course was only because we have five children. Two of which complained about something the entire time. Of course you also have the frigid weather, the hot chocolate too hot to even drink, which if you do, you burn your tongue and can't taste anything for two days anyway. Then of course you have the cookies you get with the hot chocolate, which end up being a complete waste of money and the kids don't want to hold them. You can't forget the photo ops, which of course are few and far between, if you actually want happy kids in them. So we accomplished the first two...lights and atmosphere. The third - the spirit- well, we are working on that one. It sometimes seems to be more work than it's worth, but I know that if we continue to come and marvel at the temple and the blessings we receive from being members, one day I'll get that perfect photo with everyone smiling...because we'll know how to find true happiness through being together forever, even when it doesn't always sound like such a good idea. :)


JW (just wondering) said...

120 miles and we didn't know? I am glad this is going to be a tradition. The spirit will come when it isn't 20 degrees. Perhaps the perfect movie for the trip down? Anyway, glad you had fun!!