Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Moab Moments

Can you tell some of us are tired? Family picture in the Arches National Park.
The Windows Arches (north and south windows).
Pine Tree Arch
The kids on the side wall of Pine Tree Arch. They climbed everything!
The "fam" at Landscape Arch. It's longer than a football field...over 600 ft.
Delon and the boys near the end of Hell's Revenge.
Plunge of Death...can't tell, but it's very narrow.
Hole in One !!
This climb is deceiving, especially in pictures. Looks simple, but it's very steep.
Mortimer...Delon Mortimer, Rubicon man.
Let's go Jeepin'!!
Family Picture @ Delicate Arch

Delon and I under the Delicate Arch

Balanced Rock

Moab Madness!

For Spring Break we were invited to go to Moab with a family from our ward. We had been looking forward to this trip since probably the end of Jan.
All I have to say, is who said the desert isn't beautiful? I've been to Moab a few times, but the last time was about 12 or 13 yrs ago. I had forgotten what it was like...but that's probably because this time I actually saw a lot more if it. This place was full of surprises!
The kids really had a good time, other than the fact that two of them weren't feeling well a couple days. But they were able to experience some things that a lot of others their age have probably never done.
The first day we hiked to the Delicate Arch. That was amazing...and amazingly hard for a 5 yr old who was sick. The majority of the hike was pretty steep, but once we reached the top, it literally took my breath away. The second day, we did a few Jeep trails, (Fins n' things, and Hell's Revenge) one being a bit of a warm up for what was to follow. I saw my life pass before my eyes a couple of times on Hell's Revenge. But wow...what a ride!! Definitely worth the trip. It's pretty incredible the way those Jeeps literally crawl up the mountain. There are times when you feel like the jeep is standing end over end, whether you're falling forward or backward. At certain points along the trail, I had to look back to see exactly what we had just done, not believing that we had made it. Along the way, we came upon another Jeep stuck in a big hole. We all sat around and watched as their friends pulled them out. Some of these people are a little too confident in their Jeeps...if you know what I mean. The next day we did a few relaxing hikes and saw several more arches. There are around 2000 arches...pretty insane. The colors there are beautiful, everything is starting to bud and bloom. And with the red rock and blue sky ( I swear the sky is bluer there) it made for the perfect backdrop.
Our last day there we went to Goblin Valley. I love that place. It's a lot of fun for the kids. You can literally get lost there...it would make for a long day of Hide n' Seek.
We are glad to be home, but we all had a really good time...and there may be a newfound confidence in our little family. I think we all did a few things we assumed we may never do, or have the guts to do. I'm pretty proud of the kids...they hung in there when it was probably really scary for them. But now we can say..."Been there, done that!"
I'm sure that we will return one day, but until then, we have the memories.