Sunday, August 12, 2012


Family Reunion time again. Although things went much different than originally planned. Instead of the whole family going, I drove with the 3 youngest....yes you read right...ALL BY MYSELF. Haydn was at Scout Camp and Emilee had mandatory dance rehearsals, so Delon had to stay.  Getting there wasn't too bad, but coming home was an experience I have been slowly trying to erase from my memory.

Anyhow, it was a good trip and it's always so much fun to be with my family.

We left a day early and spent time with our long-time friend Robin. Thanks again to Mark and Robin for's always a good time and good food!

Friday we started things off in Gilroy with lunch at the park, then swimming later at the hotel. That night we had dinner with everyone and then dessert with the Bozzo's! It's always good to catch up with these guys.

Saturday morning we headed over the hill to Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I loved being by the ocean...but of course the kids were more interested in the rides. The weather was great at first, but then it rained a little and got cold and windy.  I actually enjoyed getting out of the heat , so it didn't bother me much.
Things weren't exactly how I planned, people tend to stay a little separated in places like this, so there wasn't  much visiting time :(

As we were headed back later that day, we were stuck on the hill for about 20-30 minutes because of a fallen tree. This actually gave me the perfect opportunity to get out and take some pics of the wooded areas. It was beautiful....reminded me of Washington. Once the tree was removed we were on our way back for dinner. Dinner had to be thrown together at the last minute because what was planned fell through. We were late picking up our order and the place had closed. Just my luck. I was partially responsible for planning this reunion and felt a little disappointed with some of what happened, but you just do what you can and I was grateful for those who came. I love my family more than anything and know that that's what really matters.

I always love going back "home" to  California. Thank you G&G Hillesheim, we love you!!

 Water fights

 Diana's little fish....Raegan


 Mark and Robin...she never lets me take her picture.


 Pool party

 We spent all day by the pool...

 First try...

 Second try....this totally explains everything.

 3rd times a charm...unless you have no make-up on and weren't looking at the camera.

 Gilroy Park


 G & G  and Paula :)

 Jake and Jessie...buddies

Sister pic


 Hmmm, I wonder who took this picture?....nice, guys

Swing time

 My arms are tired

 Lookin' good Isabelle

 Ramsi, Lily and Gracie

 The Three Amigos

 This is where the old people mingled ;)



 Jake in his bi-plane

 Jake and Jesse  a.k.a.  "Maverick and Goose"

 Mom and Dad ....aren't they too old for this?

 Nothing like a greasy corndog....mmmmm

 Boardwalk view

 Testing the waters

 Beach boys...

 Love this view

 Racing the tide

 Time for rides

 Train ride for Riley , Zach and Jake

 Bumper cars

 Gracie and Riley on the coaster...last ride of the day.

 Jake and Zach

 View out my window through the hills to Santa Cruz


 Massive trees

Fallen tree....traffic was backed up for miles.

Ensign Peak and Cheesecake

We decided to stick close to home this summer and get things done around the house and "tend to business." So we spent a few weekends here and there just taking off for a day or two to get the kids out of the house. We decided we could head to Salt Lake, hike Ensign Peak, see the much talked about City Creek Mall, pop in at the Planetarium and finish with the Cheesecake Factory...yes we saved the best for last :)

 Salt Lake City

 Photo opp

 Emilee's favorite photo face

 Checking out the view

 Still climbing

 Enjoying the view

 Hanging out with mom

 The only kid who didn't complain about the hike.

 Hanging out

 Pit stop on Mars

 Chillin' on the moon

 Space "rocks"

 Polar Bear movie....Delon slept through all but 5 minutes.

 Chowin' down at the Cheesecake Factory

 It's THAT good!


The kids really enjoyed the hike even though it was pretty steep and hot, but good times nonetheless. And of course the view was amazing...wouldn't want to live in Salt Lake, but I definitely LOVE to visit.