Sunday, December 18, 2011

Temple Square Lights

Ready to go home... the color of lights here

Just arrived

So beautiful

I love it here

Grateful for the temple...

We've decided to make this one of our traditions. You know, see the lights, take in the atmosphere, feel the spirit. Well, we saw the lights, took in the atmosphere, but that of course was only because we have five children. Two of which complained about something the entire time. Of course you also have the frigid weather, the hot chocolate too hot to even drink, which if you do, you burn your tongue and can't taste anything for two days anyway. Then of course you have the cookies you get with the hot chocolate, which end up being a complete waste of money and the kids don't want to hold them. You can't forget the photo ops, which of course are few and far between, if you actually want happy kids in them. So we accomplished the first two...lights and atmosphere. The third - the spirit- well, we are working on that one. It sometimes seems to be more work than it's worth, but I know that if we continue to come and marvel at the temple and the blessings we receive from being members, one day I'll get that perfect photo with everyone smiling...because we'll know how to find true happiness through being together forever, even when it doesn't always sound like such a good idea. :)

Christmas cards...

Funny faces

funny faces...

There seems to be a common theme. No wonder I can't get any good photos!

We usually use the most recent family pic for Christmas cards, but since I want pictures in Spring, we took some at home one Sunday.

Mother Daughter Day

Homemade candy...

Monogram ornaments

Me and mom...don't ask me what's going on with my hair.

Brooke, Janica, Mom, me, Wendy, Diana and Natalie

She made everything

Table - eye candy

Every year it's bigger and better

Once again my mom has outdone herself. Every December we get together for lunch (on mom), a little shopping, and dinner at home (with a little help from Dad). Being with my family is always something I love, but this day seems to be pretty special with the time of year and the attention to detail.

Went to lunch...singing waiter included, got a little shopping done and went back to mom's house for dinner. Of course the spread is amazing and my mom puts so much thought into everything. She doesn't miss a thing.

I want everyone to know how much I love her and everything she does for us. Also how much I love my sisters and how I value my time with them. It's hard sometimes to be further away, but these times make up for that distance.

Thanks again Mom for you!

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving morning...before everyone was up, even the sun :)

I see this every morning when I walk out of my little pep talk.

A little touch of all comes out tomorrow.

Making plenty of room

Jarom and Jake

Bonus room...where all the "crazy" happens

Cute little Statten

Mason and Haydn playing video games, imagine that!

Jace...Justin's mini-me

Look at these cute boys, funny kids love Xander.

Visiting before the meal

Visiting some more

The boys...up to no good. Xander apparently is doing his pull-ups

Time to eat + 14 kids = chaos

Sweet little Ashlyn. She seriously looks like a doll.

Dig in!

Watching some football, with their feet up , of course.

Plenty of meat...turkey, ham and prime rib.

Bryan sure knows how to keep the ladies interested :)

A little Cowboys on Thanksgiving...perfect.

Well, this year we hosted. I have to admit, it was a little stressful. I always love having family over, but with that also comes a little anxiety, only because Delon and I both have large families. I'm always worried about whether everyone is comfortable and having a good time. With Thanksgiving comes the added stress with having enough food and making sure everything turns out. But I do have to say, everything turned out pretty good.

It was a lot of fun for my kids to hang out with their cousins and it was nice to have a house full. These are the times you make good memories and I'm so grateful for mine and Delon's family and the relationships we have...but I'm always a little relieved when it's over.

Photos courtesy of Emilee...thanks Emilee!


Rollin' around with the dogs

Bella and Jazz love to be doesn't happen much once it gets cold.

13 inches the day before

Making snow angels

Our first real snowfall of the year. Our kids had just gotten new snow clothes, so they all went out to take advantage of the new powder. The dogs got in on the action too. The funny thing is, no one is ever out there for very long before they come in complaining about being cold or wet...the joys of winter. But they do love sledding and being pulled behind the 4 wheeler. Unfortunately since then, we've had plenty of cold, just not snow.

Breaking Dawn

The only pic I and Wendy in our "twinner" leather

Well, met up with my sisters again for the fourth installment of the Twilight movies. This one was one of the most anticipated, definitely. Did not get a whole lot of pics this time. Most were taken by Wendy, and I don't have copies :( But we had so much fun! April also came...we love April.

This year we decided to skip the midnight showing...we're getting too old and busy for that! We went to lunch Fri afternoon and caught the movie after. Had a great time hanging out with my sisters...nothing like laughing until you cry. Plus, it was good to finally see Edward and Bella get married...'til next time girls.


My discouraged Dracula

Cheerleader and his little eyebrow.

Annie, Katie and Emilee...if you can't tell Emilee was an Angry Bird :)

This Halloween was very different for us, because out in Lewiston, the only option is Trunk or Treat, which I hate. My kids aren't very fond of it either. The truth is, living in Lewiston has kind of taken the fun out of Halloween. I'm pretty sure there will be lots of Halloween parties in the future. Haydn was so uninterested this year, he didn't even have a costume. Emilee went to a party with friends, and the younger three went to the Trunk or Treat...Riley, only with lots of persuasion. There were hardly any cars there and we were done in a matter of 5 minutes. So there you go...Happy Halloween!

Sunday hike up High Creek

Now that's a lot of bull...spotted him on the way home.

Jake and Riley ... getting along :)

So pretty

I love the mossy rocks

Lots of gold

The boys...

Hanging out by the river...

Love the sound of a running stream or creek

For some reason, the girls chose to stay behind this time. Gracie wasn't feeling well and Emilee was busy with schoolwork. So it was just me and the boys (Delon included). We had asked a few of our neighbors where some good hiking trails were, and several people mentioned High Creek, so we decided to give it a try. We never actually got very far off the main road because the ground was very wet and muddy. But it was beautiful and the smell was amazing... The boys really enjoyed themselves and I enjoyed getting some great fall photos.