Tuesday, March 23, 2010

12th Anniversary

Delon and I celebrated #12 on Sat the 20th. It seems longer to me...not that that's a bad thing...more like a comfortable thing. I am grateful for him and everything he does for our family. Most importantly, I know I'm lucky to have someone who loves me the way I am....

Home Sweet Home

Here are some photos of our new home. I know I promised these awhile ago, but I've been a little busy. We are doing finish work inside and getting ready to lay the flooring. So far, everything has gone well. Not sure when we will be in, but we figure sometime early summer. This has been a fun, but stressful project. I was able to design the floor plan and exterior. It's all come together pretty good. I know Delon is more excited about the dirt we hauled in, but soon enough he will understand and appreciate the little things I thought of while planning and building. :) I really think this will be a good place for our little family and the kids are excited.

Back side of our home. Those are the kitchen windows.

Front porch....can't wait to sit out here during the summer and be eaten alive by mosquitos...

Front detail....I love this rock.

Can't wait until all of this garbage is GONE!

Front of garage.

The exterior is almost finished....then we paint!

Garage windows.

Emilee turns 11...

My little joker...

Eleven candles !!

Mmmm...lots of chocolate shavings!

Emilee has always kept things light and fun in our house. I'm grateful she has a good sense of humor and a good sense of herself. I'll never have to worry about Emilee or the decisions she'll make. She will be going to Young Womens next year and it's making me feel a little "old", but I'm very proud of her. Happy Birthday Emilee, we love you!

Riley's 7th B-day

Blowing out the candles...

I love Riley's smile!

New shoes!

Gifts from Grandma...

Riley turned 7 on Jan 22. I honestly can't believe that Riley will be baptized next year and Emilee will go into YW. We had the privilege of sharing Riley's birthday with my sister Diana and husband Brandon. We always enjoy hanging out with them because we don't get to very often. They have a little girl Ramsi, who is the same age as Jake. They all get along really well, so it's fun to have them visit. Riley's birthday was simple but fun. He was able to take a trip out with Dad to pick out gifts, so as far as he was concerned it went perfectly!