Friday, July 29, 2011


Just arrived at the resort...the boys are chillin'

Kitchen/Living area

Our room...if you look closely you'll see Delon relaxing in the corner...already

Emilee's and Gracie's room

We went straight to eat when we got there...we were starving!

This restaurant was just downstairs

Gracie loves to sit by mom

Mr. Cool...apparently

Out on the balcony, waiting to go down to the pool

We had a great view from the balcony

At the pool

Couldn't get them out of the water!


Nice, Riley

Oh, the lines!

Another line...

The Hulk

Dr. Suess ride

While he was still happy...

Waiting in line, again

Emilee liked taking pictures...ALL the time

Water ride

Little did we know...

we'd get soaked...literally.

My sentiments EXACTLY :)

Jake was always happy

Harry Potter

The detail in these buildings and this attraction was incredible!

After the roller coaster ride

So cool, we saw Eddie Murphy with his daughters here too :)

Just arrived...already sweating to death.

Pirates of the Caribbean ...their favorite.

Splash Mountain line. Luckily dad got suckers for everyone.


Jake didn't mind anything, he was sooo happy!

You can tell how Emilee felt about standing in line. Thunder Mountain was the worst.

There were tons of tour groups there from South America this was crazy!

When you wish upon a star...ah, who am I kidding?

Buzz Lightyear

Tree of Life

Animal Kingdom

Feeling a little worn out


One of the coolest trees I've seen. Looks like it's upside down...the tree stores extra water like a camel, that's why it's so large.

Family of elephants

Cooling off

Beauty and the Beast

The kids loved this show

Chip, the costumes were pretty amazing

The Beast and Belle...

Happily Ever After

Star Tours


Waiting for the stunt show

This was the best show I've ever gone to

My favorite movies are the ones with great car chase scenes...

This was definitely worth sitting in the hot sun

I'm sure he was extra hot...

So cool to find out all the tricks they use to do these chase scenes, the drivers were incredible

Little Mermaid

Indiana Jones

Don't know if you can see, but while I waited with a few of the kids while Delon and Emilee did Tower of Terror, it was POURING!! Within two minutes there were miniature rivers one stayed dry.

Drying out after the downpour

Our last morning before we leave for the airport

This is where we stayed...Parc Soleil

We got a phone call from Hilton early this year, and they offered a 2 bedroom suite to us at their new resort in Orlando FL...3 nights for the price of less then one.We added an extra night and booked it. We stay at the hilton a lot, so we decided to go since we were planning on doing Disneyworld anyway. The resort was amazing, I almost think the kids enjoyed being there more than walking around the parks! The weather, of course, has no mercy. We looked soaked most of the time, so decided to do mostly water rides anyway. The humidity there is ridiculous this time of year. But the people were very friendly, and Orlando was beautiful.

We spent our first day at Universal, we HAD to do Harry was awesome! It's insane the money they spend on these attractions! Gracie and Jake's favorite ride was the roller coaster at the Harry Potter attraction. They are finally tall enough to go on all the rides, so they did...every single one. Jake had no fear. The best part is watching how much fun all the kids were having.

The following two days we spent at Disneyworld. Our favorite park there was Hollywood Studios. It's probably where we spent most of our time. The second day at Disney, there were probably two or three times where it just poured rain for about 20-30 min straight. It was a great way to cool down, but it was not fun to slosh around in wet clothes all day. We of course had a few melt downs and I occasionally thought..."why did we do this again?" But after it's all said and done, these are some of those times where we make our best memories. I think the kids realize too, you don't always have to be far from home to enjoy each other's company :)

I'm very grateful we had this experience and I think the kids really enjoyed being together....who'da thought?