Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Biggest Celebration of the Year

Preparing all the fireworks...the kids were so excited.

Starting with the small stuff

Doesn't look like it, but these are the same fireworks they use in the city celebrations here and we did them in our much fun!

Getting ready...

Jake and Gracie love having their pictures taken :)

Happy Birthday Dad

38 years old...

Words to live by....according to Delon :)

Logan fireworks

Gracie with her glow stick

Glow necklace...used for everything BUT a necklace.

We always love a good party, and on the July 4th weekend we have a lot to celebrate. Other than the patriotic holiday, it is also Delon's Birthday. This year we went BIG....with the fireworks, that is.

The weekend started off with an early morning run...I finally have Delon running with me again :) Then we went to the Lewiston 4th of July Parade. The kids got tons of candy. We know this is the only reason they go. After working a little in the yard, we gave Delon his gifts, had cake (chocolate with chocolate) and ice cream, and then we put on our own firework show. I hate to say this, but because there were almost no restrictions on fireworks this year, we went BIG...almost showed up Lewiston city in our own front yard. It's quite the experience being right under those things when they go off. It was the first time I've enjoyed watching fireworks since being at Turtle Bay in Oahu....and I was 16. So according to Delon, this is a new tradition, a bit of a costly one, but one nonetheless.

The friday before we attended the fireworks done at the Aggie Stadium, it's always fun, but there are too many people.

I'm so glad to live in a place where we can be happy, where we have the freedoms to be who we are. I'm also grateful to those who serve and protect us. God Bless America :)


JW (just wondering) said...

It is a Mortimer 4th of July event!! How fun. It sure is fun as your family matures and you get to do things like this. Way to go Delon. Great pics Amy. I hope you didn't have to slow down too much for Delon on your run.:)