Friday, July 29, 2011

1st Official Dan Hillesheim Reunion

All the sisters...without our make-up.

Grandkids, this was a chore and we still were missing one, my Gracie.

Playing ball. The lilacs were so pretty, smelled sooo good.

Coaches on the sidelines...

Grumpy kids...and everyone wanted to know why I wanted family pics the first day :)

Hula Hoops

This game was hilarious

Cookie time. These girls did pretty good.

On your mark...

Puzzle time...breakfast scramble game.

Jake, I love this boy

A bit Dicey

This was everyone's favorite game

Grandpa wins a medal :)

Natalie looks so focused

Lyla, my sweet niece.

Tha gang

We were out here a lot, especially some of the boys...can you say pyromaniac?

Emilee and Breanna

President and VP

Ema, Lily and Gracie

Wendy , Isabelle and Boston

Brandon, Diana, Ramsi and Raegan

Brooke, Ema and Nela

Apples to Apples...

Badminton with a view

The Ladder game - enjoyed by the kids more than the adults

Crazy can pick your nose but you can't pick your family. Or in this case, you can pick your family's nose.

Want to squish him!

Silly are for smiling. See, Daniel knows :)

Daniel, Janica, Madison, Gabe, Jesse, Sophia and Lyla

New best buds. It was the cutest thing ever to watch these two. They never left each other's side.

Ramsi, Ema, Lily and Gracie


There were lilacs and daisies everywhere

Front walk...great view :)

This year I was in charge of putting together our Family Reunion. We had so much fun. Of course, nothing ever goes perfect, but I think we all really enjoyed each other's company. It's easier when you're all staying in the same home, or in this case, Inn. We headed up to Lava Hot Springs and stayed at the Inn at Owl Hollow, located in Bancroft. It was beautiful! We had the entire Inn to ourselves, it was set back into the mountain and had tons of privacy. We just hung out around the fire the first night and got settled. The next day we spent at Lava. The water slides there are crazy! There are quite a few little daredevils in our family. I would never jump off those high dives! The weather was perfect. It was a little windy while a small storm passed, but we never got rained on :) Later that night we played some Minute to Win it games and did s'mores. The best part was just sitting around the fire and visiting. Times like those help me to remember how much I love my family and all of the things I have learned from each one of them. I love my nieces and nephews and can't believe how big our family is getting. I hope that they all know how much I look forward to having us all together. I don't see them as often as I'd like, but I am glad we are close and have good relationships. When it comes right down to it, family is the only thing that matters...and I love mine! Thanks Mom and Dad for everything you are and everything you've done :)


JW (just wondering) said...

Amy, you did a great job putting the whole thing together. It was awesome fun and it WAS so nice having everyone together just by ourselves. What a great family!! Love you all!! I hope we all look to this as something we do every other year. Tag, your it, Natalie for 2013. Thanks again Amy!! And the rest of you that helped so much!

Hillesheim Family said...

Love all the pictures.....what a beautiful way to express out family!!!! Love you so much Great job!! xoxoxo love Mom

JW (just wondering) said...

Gracie and Sophia are missing in grandkid pic

Unknown said...

I am soooo weird. I am sorry! ha