Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Play Ball !

He hates to take pictures. :)

Hey, we are getting somewhere, at least he stopped for a picture.

Playing shortstop

Playing third base

Haydn has the same # Delon did in school...#12.

Haydn had his first baseball game Tuesday night. He was really excited to go...which was a good sign. His team name is the Royals and he has quite a few friends from school on his team. It was a chilly night, but Haydn played really well and actually surprised us a bit with his hitting skills. I don't think he has played since about 3 yrs ago when he was on a t-ball team. Good job Haydn...we are proud of you for getting out there and having a good time!


Sharee said...

Haydn is seriously such a good kid! Good looking little kid too! Watch out for the girls in a few years! Way to go Haydn!

Becky said...

Haydn, you should stop for more pictures, you are such a handsome guy! Baseball looks like so much fun, great job!

Hillesheim Family said...

Hello Haydn- You sure look good in that uniform. Have fun in your games, we are so excited for you and very proud of you too. Maybe we could make it to one of your games. We will see ok? Love you- Grandma and grandpa Hillesheim

Tropicanna said...

Those are really cute pictures! He looks like quite the ball player.

Haguewood Family said...

You've gotta love a little guy in a uniform. He is so cute. I heard Emily play her piano recital piece today. She is awesome!