Sunday, June 1, 2008

Eight is Great!

Diggin' in!

This look was a permanent fixture on Jake's face this day.

The man of the hour!

Haydn and Riley hangin' out. (Nice church socks Riley)

The three're silly Sydnee! (Gracie, Sydnee and Lily)

Playing with Sydnee's Polly Pockets

Wow, no table manners at all...wonder who they got that from?

Aunt Kayla and Grandma

Landon and Caleb

Proud parents

The finished product...looks pretty good. :)

Haydn was a little nervous...can you tell?

Well, Haydn is now a member of the church. He was baptized May 31st with friends and family there to support him.
Haydn is the 2nd of our children to be baptized, and he was a little nervous about the whole "dunking" experience, but he did a great job. It's definitely a great moment when you see your child dressed in white anxiously awaiting their turn. Of course, there is something about the way they look right after...dressed in their Sunday best and a look of contentment on their face.
Later that morning we went to Mack Park (one of my favorite places) and had lunch and conversation. The food was great and the company even better!
I just want to let everyone who came to know that we appreciated you being there and are grateful to you for taking the time to come and share a special day with us.


Hillesheim Family said...

The day was especially wonderful. We are very proud of you Haydn. We were so happy to spend that time being there with you and your family.. What a beautiful day it was The park was really nice and the food and company was great too.We hope that you will remember that for a long time. Love you lots. you are very lucky to have wonderful parents like you do. Love you lots- Love Grandma and Grandpa Hillesheim

Melissa said...

Tell Haydn congrats from WOOD and Fam!!! And if he strays just this much, I'll be up to have a little talk with him.

kim said...

Cute pictures! What a special day for you ALL! You look beautiful, as always, and little Haydn couldn't look more like his dad! What a beautiful family! Congratulations!!!

Becky said...

Congrats, Hayden! Wow, Amy 2 down. Crazy! What a cute bunch of Mortimers!

Ndrhsrfamily said...

Your boys are mini-Delons! I love it! What a busy great day though. It must be so rewarding to see your kids make good choices. We missed you guys at dinner!

Shane, Tori, Konner, Brylee, and Halle said...

Congrats Haydn on being baptized. We are so proud of you! Konner says "Good Job Buddy"!! I love the pictures, it looked like you guys had a great day!!!

Kevin and Cherie said...

Tell Haydn we are very proud of him! We wish we could have been there!