Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Race Day

Every year the elementary schools keep track of the mile runners. Riley came in 2nd out of all the students in Lewiston. I was very proud of him...I ran track in high school and it brought back some   memories :)

All of the students from other elementary schools came to Sky View High School and participated in their championship race. Riley was in the 4x4 relay...he had never done this before, so he was a little nervous.

He ran the first leg and sprinted hard...but ran out of gas at the end. And because their fourth runner never showed up, Riley had to run twice! He did very well considering the circumstances. It's fun to watch Riley get a little taste of competition, because he kicks it into high little athlete.

  Waiting it out

 First leg

 Trying hard to keep up on the last leg...


My champion....stud.


JW (just wondering) said...

You can tell Riley that I was a sprinter too. I think it must be in the genes:)