Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

This Thanksgiving we decided to host again. So this year we had the Hillesheim family over with my Grandma Nielsen, my Aunt Shauna and her husband Kent. I missed my brother and his family terribly....but all was well and I had so much fun with everyone here.

Last year Emilee took over my camera and took lots of photos. This year she was busy and so was I, so the photos are minimal :(

I love my family so much and love how we all get along when we're together. I have the best sisters in the whole world and parents who have the kind of relationship I strive for. So lucky to have all of these people in my life.

Thanks Wendy for coming the night before to help out :)

Me and my 92 yr old her.

 Mom and Dad


After...much better.

And to "my" little family, I'm so thankful for who they are, even when it gets hard and frustrating. I may not have the perfect life, but it is definitely the most entertaining. And everyone who knows me knows how much I love to be entertained.


JW (just wondering) said...

It was so much fun to be there with you Amy and with our whole bunch and you family too. It was a really good day and you're right, it was a fabulous time. Thank you and Delon for putting on the dinner this year.

Unknown said...

Glad I was able to make it up early to help.:)