Sunday, November 4, 2012


Emilee is participating in a competitive dance group this year and is really enjoying it. One of the requirements is to attend a couple of the several dance conventions throughout the year. This year Dance Source went to NYCDA in Salt Lake, UT. There were a few guest judges from SYTYCD and one of the choreographers for Michael Jackson's "would-be" tour. It can be pretty intimidating and there are thousands of dancers that attend. They are long and physically challenging days, but the girls always have a pretty good time. Emilee's group performed "Everybody Talks" and "Rumor Has It". I'm really proud of her and am glad that she enjoys music and performing like I do.



 Shopping for a keepsake with friends Shae and Jordyn.

Dance workshop...nothing like learning choreography with a hundred other people.


JW (just wondering) said...

Wowee Sowee!!! what a cutie and one who has her head screwed on right. It is so fun to see Em having so much fun and learning about the work that goes into having fun and getting better. She's a winner!! Love her so much.