Sunday, August 12, 2012

Haydn's 12th Birthday / Ordination

This birthday marks an important step in Haydn's life. I'm so grateful for who he is and wanting to do what's right. It was pretty great to be there when he received the Priesthood, and since that day I have seen little changes in his attitude and countenance.

His birthday was simple....cake and gifts. And at his request, The Avengers movie with the boys.

 Homemade b-day cake

 We're a goofy bunch around here...

 Crazy kids

 He needed a little help this time

 Lots of clothes and jerseys ....

 New "kicks"

 B-day boy with Mom and Dad

 He looks so handsome and grown up.

 G&G Hillesheim

 Grandpa Mortimer

The boys...Riley had already changed out of his church clothes, hence Delon's jacket and Riley's "flasher" look.

G&G Hillesheim and Grandpa Mortimer (grandma wasn't feeling well) came for Haydn's ordination. It was a great day for everyone. I'm glad Haydn was able to have his grandparents there and I'm grateful for the experience and for the Priesthood in our lives and hope that as Haydn grows older he will remember what a wonderful gift and duty it is. We love you Haydn :)


JW (just wondering) said...

Now there is a Helaman soldier!! Called to serve, yessiree. Hayden, keep on serving and be the rock!! That was a great day. First grandson with the Priesthood!!!