Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ensign Peak and Cheesecake

We decided to stick close to home this summer and get things done around the house and "tend to business." So we spent a few weekends here and there just taking off for a day or two to get the kids out of the house. We decided we could head to Salt Lake, hike Ensign Peak, see the much talked about City Creek Mall, pop in at the Planetarium and finish with the Cheesecake Factory...yes we saved the best for last :)

 Salt Lake City

 Photo opp

 Emilee's favorite photo face

 Checking out the view

 Still climbing

 Enjoying the view

 Hanging out with mom

 The only kid who didn't complain about the hike.

 Hanging out

 Pit stop on Mars

 Chillin' on the moon

 Space "rocks"

 Polar Bear movie....Delon slept through all but 5 minutes.

 Chowin' down at the Cheesecake Factory

 It's THAT good!


The kids really enjoyed the hike even though it was pretty steep and hot, but good times nonetheless. And of course the view was amazing...wouldn't want to live in Salt Lake, but I definitely LOVE to visit.


JW (just wondering) said...

What family fun!! You were so close and yet so far. So glad you were doin' the family thing!