Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Escaping the cold....

LA temple grounds

Temple with Christmas lights


A little piece of heaven on earth.

Santa Monica pier....

Emilee was excited because she said this was where Miley Cyrus filmed part of her Hannah Montana movie.

The famous Rodeo Dr.

Huge shopping mall on Hollywood Blvd....and huge is an understatement.

More shopping...

Hollywood sign

More shopping... I wasn't kidding!

I love him...:)

Chinese theater

Universal Studios

Tired and wet at the end of the day. After water rides and shows, I looked like a drowned rat!

Waterworld, the kids loved this show.

One of the most popular people in our home...

Best friends

Jurassic Park

Jake at Jurassic

A really great thrill ride!!

First day

Cute Fred...

If you look closely you'll see Gracie hiding...

Jake LOVED this place!

Curious George Jungle play yard....

On the back lot...

Before the Shrek 4d show...

Where they filmed Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds

More wreckage...they used an actual 747 and dismantled and destroyed it on site.

They were celebrating Grinchmas while we were there for the "wholidays"

Dancing and singing

Desperate Housewives

Flood waters

Fast and furious ...dancing cars. Pretty cool special effects.

Need I say more?

Tom Selleck...quite the "hottie" in his day

The set of one of my favorite shows....Ghost Whisperer. (I know, never thought I'd like a show like this, but I'm addicted.)

Grandview Town Square

Outside Delon's favorite restaurant....The Saddle Ranch!

Day after Christmas we headed out to LA/Hollywood for a family trip to Universal Studios. The drive down went pretty well, considering. We stopped in Vegas the first night to break up the trip, or as Delon refers to it...the most wicked city in the world - a waste of time and money - Satan's haven - sin city - a place where selfish, wicked people play ( I think that about covers it). Anyway, where was I ?....Oh, yes. So we stayed that night, had breakfast in the morning and took off for the last 4 hrs of our trip.

Once there, we checked into the Sheraton Universal was pretty amazing. Conveniently across the street from the park. (No driving and parking) They also just renovated the entire place, very "Old-Hollywood" glamour.

The next morning began our two-day visit to the park. The weather was perfect and the crowds were small. I had assumed there would be a lot of people because of the holidays, but everyone showed up the day we left. They were all there for the Rose Bowl, something Delon would have probably preferred to go to.

We became regulars at the Park's restaurant, "Saddle Ranch". Delon loved the food and the free meals for the kids even more! We all got tired of eating there but didn't protest because we didn't want to hear Delon's "but it's free" speech again. Granted, it did save us a lot of money....

The tours were my favorite part. I really enjoyed seeing where some of my favorite movies and TV shows were filmed. The kids of course loved the rides. Jurassic Park, The Mummy and The Simpsons made the top of our list. I know Delon really enjoyed the trip, but possibly enjoyed the drive even more.

Even after the fighting and the whining, we all really had a good time with each other and it was a good experience for the kids to see a lot of these things. We visited Hollywood Blvd., Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica Pier, the LA Temple (beautiful), and the beach. Unfortunately we didn't reach the coast until it was evening....I could barely see the ocean. :( But at least I was able to hear and smell it all...I really miss it!

The family really enjoyed the time together, the warmer weather, the change of scenery and a Christmas that we will remember for a long time.


JW (just wondering) said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!! And remember Delon, "its free". Thanks Amy.

Melissa said...

How fun! So glad you got away! You packed a lot into your trip. Next time you'll have to stop by our house, if for nothing else a potty break! Ha Ha!

Mary-Anne said...

hi there.. I am going to start this by saying "you don't know me.." which sounds a little creepy but it gets better:) I don't know if you ever do this but sometimes when the kids are in bed of a night time, I love to read blogs, and you know as you are reading one there are always little thingys down the side for"other blogs that I read" I will always get side tracked and be reading about people that I have no idea who they are.. Well a few weeks ago I started out at "old fashioned girl" that is a blog that I read often and did the usual. I came across Delon and Amy down the side bar of someone's blog ..I have only known one Delon in my life (actually I think I have only ever heard that name used the once) He was a missionary that served in our ward in Hobart Tasmania years ago.. It has been nice to see his family. I felt like I had to say hi and let you know I have looked at your blog..Well "Elder Mortimer" spent a long time in our area and he was one of the missionaries our whole family remembers.. Well it would be nice to keep in touch..It looks like our children are roughly the same ages my email is blog is have a can stalk me!! Any way you have some really beautiful photos up..REALLY makes me want to travel! Love Mary-Anne