Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas morning

Gracie's favorite...Dora

Sweaters... take place of sitting on the heater in the mornings.

Dallas Cowboy if they could just learn not to throw balls in the house!!

Jake,"You expect me to wear this and like it?"

New Jordans

Fancy black boots....

Jake's favorite gift, a guitar that plays about 18 different songs.

More are a girls best friend.

New Jordans for Haydn also.....Delon wouldn't allow anything else.

Remote control car from Grandma

Barbie condo...must-have for girly-girls!

Diego rescue vehicle

Christmas this year was a little different for our family. We decided after being so busy and distracted, that we would take a family trip and spend some time together away from home. So gifts this year were on the simple, practical side. Not always the "fun" gift for kids, but after spending money on our weekend, we figured they could sacrifice a few things. Nonetheless, they had a good morning.


JW (just wondering) said...

Boy, its seems just like yesterday you were one of those kids. Thanks for sharing! Glad you guys had fun on your trip.