Monday, November 3, 2008

Fright Night

Haydn "Skeleton Pirate"

Gracie "Diamond Castle Princess"

Emilee "Vampiric Mistress"...sloppy eater

Riley "Vampire"... obviously hates the light

Well, Halloween is one of my favorites because you can be anyone you want to be! And this year, I decided to be a know, the one that is busy getting everyone else in their costumes and then hands out the candy? Anyway, we went to Trunk or Treat, not my favorite, but fun to see the others in their costumes. And afterwards I took  Riley and Gracie around the neighborhood while Emilee was off with her friend Hannah.  Delon had Haydn and Jake at the Aggie basketball's that time of year again! It was a fun night but a busy one. Hope everyone had a great Halloween!  (For those of you wondering...Jake didn't dress up this year. No luck getting him in anything!)


Hillesheim Family said...

Jake didn't have Halloween picture? Way cute pictures.

Sharee said...

GREAT Costumes!! Where's little Jake? Your kids all have gorgeous eyes too!

Ndrhsrfamily said...

The kids look fantastic! Oh and Emilee did a great job singing on Sunday. By the way, how in the heck do you outfit 5 children head to toe for Halloween and keep it all straight? You are wonder mom.

Melissa said...

Your kids look awesome. I love the make-up jobs. I guess that is what my future holds!!