Sunday, July 6, 2008


I have read several posts where people have been tagged and I was hoping to maybe escape it. I think I'm afraid to be stumped by these questions. Also, there is a lot of thought that has to be put into these here goes!

- My family, definitely
- The gospel
- Music, could not live w/out it
- The fall season
- The smell of rain
- Design/Architecture
- A good book
- Movies, all kinds
- Dark Chocolate
- Running...early in the morning when the world is still
- Thunder and lightning storms
- Good friends
- Traveling
- Being by the ocean and the smell of sea water
- Last, but not least, singing

- Disappointing my children
- Losing a loved one
- Not living a productive life
- Wasps, I know, sounds trivial compared to the others, but yet a fear
- Never getting the opportunity to see other places
- Never discovering other things that I may be good at and actually enjoy
- Disappointing my parents
- Forgetting to enjoy the simple things
- Not having the courage to just push myself a little and putting faith in my abilities
- Drowning...even though I love the water and am a decent swimmer

- Finish school, get my BA in Sociology
- Soak up as much knowledge as I can before my brain starts to rot
- Get into shape...I need my endurance back with these boys!
- Serve a mission with Delon
- To have my children be proud that I am their mother
- Learn to properly ride a horse...not just in circles at the fair :)
- Pick up the French Horn again
- Be a member of the Tabernacle Choir, traveling and singing, two of my favorite things!
- Learn the anatomy of the automobile...just in case I'm stuck somewhere on the side of the road :)
- This is a long shot, but I've always loved journalism and love to write. Maybe I'll write a children's book, or become a broadcast journalist...I can just see it now!

- Red and yellow peppers dipped in Poppy Seed dressing
- Watching home improvement shows
- Blogging, obviously
- Organizing...I swear I have symptoms of O.C.D.

There you are Becky, now you know all the strange things rolling around in my head. I tag CARRIE N. , MELISSA W. , and KIM S. I'm waiting ladies!


Becky said...

You are so good, AMy. I'm embarassed to say It took me a good month to do my tag. I have to agree on your thunderstorms and smell of rain- and drowning. Good ones.I love that you want to be in the Tabernacle Choir, I have no doubt you'll do it! Happy Birthday to Delon by the way, Dustin is looking forward to his next birthday where he is hoping to mature a little too!

Lacey said...

I liked reading your responses. Tell Delon Happy Belated Birthday!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing. I love reading all about you. I wish we could be closer. Love ya!

Emilee said...

Hi, mom yeah we really doneed to go do all those fun joys i really like what you wrote!

Emilee your daughter!:)

Ndrhsrfamily said...

Oh crap! Thanks a lot for the tag... I did love reading yours though. The french horn??? I never knew. I know our ward is always looking for musical numbers...

Melissa said...

I am working on it Amy. I'll post it soon. I agree with you on a lot of those areas you will just have to wait and read it.

kim said...

So fun to read! I learned a lot about you! You are so cute...I will work on my list...dang...tags take me forever cause they really make you think!!!

Haguewood Family said...

What is the world? Peppers and poppy seeds? I guess you have to try it. You are so ambitious. I can teach you to ride a horse...oh yeah, I did get hurt when I got bucked-off. I couldn't walk for week.