Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sharing a birthday with America

Sparklers...traditional celebration.

My little poser...she loves the camera.

35 in human yrs...7 in mature yrs. :)

Blowing out the candles with the help of Gracie.

Still love your smile Delon!

Well, we have two things to celebrate in this house on the 4th of July. Happy 35th Birthday Delon!!
Delon has always thought that the fireworks were for him. I think he was really disappointed when he learned the truth...poor Delon. :(
Anyway, thought I would take a moment to tell Delon how much we love him. For those of you who know him, I'm sure there are many stories to share and memories that may not be so fond, but at the end of the day Delon is a good friend and a great father and husband. He loves his family and works hard to give them everything they need. Most importantly, he has always had a love for life that can be very contagious, and shares that with his children.
Hope this year is a good one Delon. WE LOVE YOU!!!


Sharee said...

It's hard to forget Delon's Birth Date that's for sure. Happy Birthday Delon! What a sweet tribute to him. Yes, Delon can drive us crazy sometimes but he IS a good guy and he has a WAY awesome family! I love you guys!

Hillesheim Family said...

You are very sweet Amy , you can tell you love Delon and your sweet family. YOu do a great job and you would never disappoint us. ( one of you fears in tagged) You are a wonderful daughter and first born.You are a good example to your children and everyone.We are proud of you. We missed you on fourth of July. Delon-----Happy birthday. We gave you your gift so early that we hadn't called you on your birthday, so hope you had a great one. It looks , by the photos , that you did good and had fun. The cake looks good!!!! Love you guys- Mom H xoxoxoxo

Melissa said...

We LOVE you too Delon!!!!! I'm honestly surprised that you made it this far. Personally I would have smothered you in your sleep a long time ago. Happy 35th!

By the way, plan on Bandon Dunes later on this fall.