Monday, May 19, 2008

Peace of Mind

We finally got the railing up on our deck...yeah! We took down the old redwood railing and put up vinyl. I just wish it had been done earlier. Several days ago, Jake fell off the higher part of our deck and scraped his face up pretty good. I should have taken a picture. He bit right through his lip, scraped his nose and chin, and as he came down, the shirt he had on went up into his chin leaving the perfect impression of his button, words and all! I could see Eddie Bauer written on his chin. I felt so bad, it's amazing how fast the body heals though, he is as good as new!
So now I can let him outside without worrying too much...which is a blessing to a mother of five.


Jessica said...

Your deck and backyard look beautiful. How fun to have that deck. Did you guys build it?

Hillesheim Family said...

Your deck looks great, I bet that is a load off your mind now, huh? I hope you enjoy it a lot this summer. Love, mom H