Monday, November 11, 2013

Ragnar Vegas

Everyone who knows me knows I love to run. I have loved it for a long time. But as I have gotten older  the competitive side of me has slowed a little. I now do most of my running for the "me" time and it also ends up being the time I do my best thinking. So when I had some good friends call and ask me to do Vegas Ragnar with them, my first thought was, "Are u kidding me? I'm old and out of shape. I don't train like I used to." And then I thought about how I don't want any regrets, and about how I need to take advantage of those opportunities that challenge me. So I agreed...

Glad I said yes.

I hung out with some amazing people and made some new friends. I proved to myself that I can do those things that I may originally find impossible. And I can finish, even when it's hard. This will be one of those experiences that helped to make me a better person and a grateful person.

 Dinner the night before the race...fueling up.

After breakfast, getting ready to hit the first exchange.

 The girls...Joy, Marcy, Me, Jen, Holly and Shantel

 Me and Jen  right before my first run.

And I'm off...

All lit up for the second was here I was trying to think positive thoughts. My youngest had gotten the flu a few days before I left and I was praying it wouldn't show it's face while I was gone. Unfortunately after my first run, I started getting the chills and feeling nauseous. I held it off as long as I could, but in between the first two runs I tossed my cookies, or yogurt and pretzels in this case. I was able to rest up enough to do my second run, which actually went really well. But after a long night with no sleep or keeping food down, I had to have another member of my team finish my last leg. I was really disappointed. But I didn't have the energy and the last leg was my hardest of all three. I'm hoping I may have another chance to do Ragnar and finish all 3.

On the last leg 

Waiting for Jen

Finish Line...and we finished 48th out of 428 teams!!


JW (just wondering) said...

Awesome Amy. You can see who has the biggest biceps of them all. I did not know you did other sports events during the race. What is tossing cookies and pretzels.:)