Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 40th & Fourth of July !!

This year for Delon's 40th, we decided to invite everyone over for a BBQ and fireworks show to celebrate his birthday and the fourth.

There were at least 25 kids running around and lots of good food. We missed those who couldn't be there, but grateful for those who came!

We spent most of our time outside visiting and sitting by the fire. After dinner, we all went out back for the fireworks. With everything being legal, we had an amazing show. I felt bad, a few of the little ones were scared and had to watch inside from the safety of the house ;)

It was also Cherie's birthday, so it was fun to have everyone there to celebrate these two people that we love!

I am grateful for Delon and everything he does for our family. I know he loves all of us and would do anything for our happiness. I'm glad he has a strong testimony of the gospel, and I hope he knows after all those who came out, how much he is loved.

It's funny that his birthday falls on the 4th of July. His personality somewhat resembles a firework...interesting, but when you add a little heat and light him up, watch out! All of his true colors show, and after he has had his time to express himself, he begins to simmer down and sometimes leaves a little "stink".  But he's always a good time :)  Happy Birthday Delon!!

 Cookie Pops...mmm

 Choc dipped strawberries


 Photo bomb

 Riley and Mason

 Jack and Hadli

 Hanging out around the fire

 Raegan, Xander and Sophie


 Wes and Lily...four wheeler rides

 Best friends...

 Jump zone

 Looking for his next meal ;)  

 Dinner time


 The kids were on and off the tramp all night

 Stetson :)


 Happy Birthday!!

 Birthday kids...

Waiting for the sun to go down...


JW (just wondering) said...

Hi sweetie, can't remember why we were not able to come but I think Grandma Nielsen was in rehab still. I am glad that you do these things and keep everybody together.