Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hey baby, let's go to Vegas!

Delon and I made a quick trip to Vegas to catch the Soul2Soul tour with Tim and Faith. I've seen them in concert before in Salt Lake, but in Vegas the show was held in a very intimate setting. I loved it. They walked out into the audience shaking hands and dancing....and giving a very few lucky fans a hug.

They put on a great show and even made time for a little personal Q&A mid-concert. It was fun to see inside their relationship a little. They sang new and old material and gave an amazing performance. We all sang a long...but I think Delon and I were the only ones who weren't drinking. Definitely made for some good entertainment.

The next night we had some extra time so Delon decided at the last minute to go and see Celine Dion. I  had always wanted to see her. In fact the last time were were there we tried to get tickets, but they were always sold out. Fortunately we scored some tickets close to the stage and I was blown away. She was amazing. Even Delon couldn't stop talking about her voice. That girl can sing ANYTHING!

Other than the shows, we got a little down time to recharge. It's all you need sometimes. I'd tell you more about the trip, but this is when "what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas" comes in handy.

 Before the show...and yes, we picked the most unflattering light to take our picture under.

 oh yeah...sexiest couple ever


Couldn't use our phones during the show. They were very strict about it, or I would have snuck a shot.