Monday, February 25, 2013

Silly Kids...Disneyland's for Moms!!

Well, we finally did it thanks to my sister Diana. We had been talking for years about taking a trip to Disneyland without kids. Now, I know that sounds a little pointless, being the "place where dreams come true" and all. I mean really, as adults, those little fantasies and dreams fall by the wayside as we mature and come to know what matters most. I'm sure some of us still struggle with the fact that we aren't actually a princess or that Tinkerbell never actually existed, or even that Neverland never was. But the point is, once a dreamer, always a dreamer.

Disneyland, needless to say, was actually much more enjoyable without kids. That may sound harsh to some of you...I was even afraid of being persecuted by Disney goers who noticed we weren't dragging our whiny kids around the park with us. But then it hit me...there were so many people there doing the same exact thing we were. Don't get me wrong, I love to watch my kids do and see these things for the first time, but I really got to take it all in this time...and relax.

We had so much fun. Standing in line, talking, eating, laughing, singing on the water ride...during the several times it broke down and even blacking out on Tower of Terror. Being with my mom and sisters has always been something I've enjoyed, but I have to say, this will always be something I remember. Lots of little moments that helped to remind me why I need these people in my life...and why we're meant to be family.

 Splash Mountain

 Lots of pictures with Wendy....I hardly took anything. 

 California Adventure

 Toy Story

 Wendy, Diana and me

 My favorite character....Donald

 Ugly faces...before we race off on the CARS ride

Ok...much better

Tower of Terror...I seriously blacked out on this ride...pathetic.

 View from the carousel

 Up top with Natalie...great view on the carousel.


CARS...this was a great ride!


Unknown said...

I loved this trip. I love my sisters and mom:)