Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dinner Theater

This year Delon wanted to do something special with his "girls". So being the thoughtful person he is...(he is trying really hard) he took Emilee, Gracie and I to a performance by Pickleville Playhouse. They did a spoof of The Christmas Carol. The thing that made it fun, was that we actually know a couple of the performers, and it was great to see them with their families on stage.

There was a dinner before the show, and the show was hilarious! All the songs were original and the jokes just kept coming. I'm grateful that Delon has caught on...I think he enjoyed it more than the rest of us. Who knows, maybe this time next year we'll catch our next show in NY....Broadway baby!!

Before the show... Emilee is so refined, don't you think?

 Me and Gracie

Always so amused with her Dad...I know Emilee, you can sit by me if you'd like.


JW (just wondering) said...

What a guy. Out on a date with three beautiful girls!! thanks for sharing.