Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Time of My Life....

Birthday her!

We left our heart in SF...yeah, yeah, I know, very predictable.

We had so much fun's been too long.

Birthday cheesecake @ none other than Cheesecake Factory

All the girls. We were starving after walking all over SF!

Me and Nat

Oh, looky of my favorite stores in the background. We were in Macy's here shopping during our wait time for the restaurant.

Just outside Ghirardelli's....makes my mouth water.

Ahh...the ocean. I miss it.

A little windy earlier in the day. They have these great "heart-art" displays all around the courtyard. Amazing...

Robin and I taking a little break.

Grandma and Grandpa Hillesheim. Two of my favorite people. And yeah, next time I will wear a tank top under this shirt.

My sisters and I decided we were going to head back to our roots, Brentwood, CA, and go celebrate our friends 40th B-day in style. Although Brooke wasn't able to go, which was a little disappointing for us, we all really had a good time. Our first two days were spent with our sweet and, might I add, hilarious grandparents in Gilroy. We had so much fun just visiting, playing Frustration, and spending some quality time. I love my grandparents so much and am really grateful for their example and the many wonderful memories we have with them. It really was a blessing for us to have that visit and spend that time.

A couple days into our trip we headed to our hometown of Brentwood and stayed with Robin Schwitters...basically like a sister to us. She was turning 40 so we wanted to come and spend a few days with her. She and her husband Mark are great hosts. Always good times and always good food. We spent one of our days in San was so much fun. And I've never walked that far in my life. Ok, maybe I have, but I wasn't speed walking up hills for miles and miles. At least we never made the decision to hop into "shady guy's" black car. Who knows, that may have been the last anyone saw of us....

It was such a great trip and the perfect occasion to help me remember how much I love to be with my sisters...that means you too, Robin. I must admit, I miss the ocean and I miss the mild weather CA has to offer, but there's always next won't keep me away :)


JW (just wondering) said...

Great pics and comments Amy!! I am so glad you girls stay so close to Robin. I am so glad you got to visit with your grandparents who don't always have the opportunity to see you. Tiffanys??? I think you are the only one in the family that could afford to shop there. :)
What fun that you have put all these things on you blog. I love it!!!

Unknown said...

This is honestly one of the best memories! :)