Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Family Pictures...


This totally explains Jake

My little man

The two of us

Kissy face

My handsome boys


I love Fall colors...

Well, we survived the experience. Thanks to Wendi Coombs again for doing such a great job! I love having pictures in the fall, it's my favorite time of year. The best part, is seeing the way everyone has changed.


Heather Coon said...

I love the pictures! I think Wendi does such a great job! We've had her do our family the past couple of years. Emilee looks so much older too, I'm so jealous of her hair!

JW (just wondering) said...

thank you so much sweetheart for posting these great pics. You are all so beautiful!! Yeah, you to Delon.

Love you all.


Lanae Hale said...

Beautiful family pictures, Amy!! I love the colors!!

jody said...

you have a beautiful family Amy.