Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Super 6!

Enjoying a little cake and ice cream

Blowing out the candles

Basketball shirt

Let's try one more time...

Riley's version of Guitar Hero..

Riley has been waiting for this birthday FOREVER!!  Apparently being 6 is much better than being 5.  Riley didn't ask for much, just semi-trucks and some new basketball gear. Of course Dad always treats the boys to a lunch and a chance to pick out a few gifts. This way there's no complaining. 

I can't believe Riley is already six.  I tend to see him much younger than that. He is right smack in the middle of them all and tends to demand a lot of attention, but he has such a great personality!  We all know our families wouldn't be complete without each one of us, but I often think I need them more than they need me.

Happy Birthday Riley.....thanks for keeping things interesting!  We Love You  :)


Ndrhsrfamily said...

What a cute little dude. And what a TREAT to have lunch with dad! I love the t-shirt.

JW (just wondering) said...

Thanks again Amy,

Happy Birthday Riley!! Believe me, I thought he was born yesterday. Riley definitely fits your crew of extraordinary personalities.

Sharee said...

Happy Birthday Riley! Wow! I can't believe he's six either. This kid is a go getter for sure! Nothing is going to stop this kid from accomplishing what he wants. Love ya Riley!

Melissa said...

That is super crazy he is 6. Before ya know it he will be driving-watch out. He is so cute!

Haguewood Family said...

They grow up way too fast. It will be fun to see what all of our kids choose to do.

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday Riley! I can't believe he is six already!