Monday, September 1, 2008

This ride has come to a complete stop...

I'm finished with Breaking Dawn. I must confess, I honestly didn't know what to think of these novels that everyone kept telling me I should read. I know how I am when I read...I knew I couldn't find the time to pick up a book, for fear of getting too consumed. My life was busy and overwhelming, so I waited. My sister has been convincing me to read these books since last year!

After the summer came to an end and school was back in, I knew I could find that window of time to read again. So I picked it up...little did I know that it was never a matter of finding time, but making time. It has been some ride since I turned that first page. Her attention to detail is incredible. I could honestly see and smell, even taste all of the things she described! Some have mentioned the authors tendency to go on and on, but I appreciated the specifics. It brought it to life. The characters are endearing, because, even if only in some small way, you can relate to what they are feeling. No matter who you are or where you come from, what your physical preferences are, or social standing...everyone can relate to love and being in love and the pain and joy that comes with it. We naturally want to be happy and if we really love someone, we want them to be happy too.

Though I know Edward was described as one of the most beautiful things Bella had ever seen, I believe most of what we admire in Edward's beauty is his love for Bella and his willingness to sacrifice for her happiness. Who wouldn't want that?

So even though Edward may not truly exist, anything is possible when it comes to love.

Now that this ride has come to a complete stop, I'll wait in line for the movie. Hope it satisfies!


Maryann said...

Amy, i started the first book just this morning. I was only able to read one chapter with Amber hanging all over me, but WOW! She knows how to describe detail! i am excited for tonight when i can hopefully continue reading..

p.s. Thanks for understanding my "Crazy" side... I definitely have one and it's not small!

kim said...

Hey! I'm like you were...I don't have time! My friend brought the first book to me the other day, and I started reading it yesterday...her attention to detail is really brings it to life! Can't wait for the rest!

Hillesheim Family said...

I think all of your sisters will be in line with you and Probably me too. Girls night or day out, right?? Love you- Mom

JW (just wondering) said...


I am truly amazed at the description that you write with too! I don't remember your writing as a young girl being so expressive. However, I know that when we converse it is truly fun. I feel that you all have this interesting quality of expression. Pass it on to the kids.