Friday, February 22, 2008

Winter Events

The end of January and very beginning of February we have Riley and Emilee's birthdays. It's very draining financially throughout the winter months. We have one event right after another...Christmas, New Years, Riley's B-day, Super Bowl and Emilee's B-day. It seems if we aren't spending money on gifts, we're buying food, and lots of it! Anyway, here are some pictures from those events. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...
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Sharee said...

Amy, Holy Cow, I barely recognize Gracie and Jake...they have changed so much since we last saw! I'm so not looking forward to the whole potty training thing either with many people tell me their kid or kids were potty trained at two and I'm feeling the pressure...ha ha! I love all the pictures you are putting up and seeing how your kids are growing...I still can't get over Jake and Gracie changing so cute!